Butt, George

  • Township: Embro & West Zorra
  • Rank: Corporal
  • Branch: Canadian Provost Corps, Unit #11 and Unit #9
  • Regiment number: A 56001
  • Date of birth: October 31, 1914
  • Where born: Perth, Ontario, Canada
  • Date of death: June 20, 1997
  • Burial location: Ashes are scattered in Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada.
  • Wars Served: World War II
  • Years of service: 1940 - July 2, 1946
  • Country enlisted with: Canada


George Butt was 25 when he enlisted with the Canadian Provost Corp in London, Ontario. He began his military career by policing the forces stationed in Woodstock, ON from December 1940-July 16, 1941 and again July 28-September 21, 1941.  Between July 17 and July 28, 1941 he accompanied POW's on a train to Kananaskis, Alberta.  On September 1, 1941 he was granted permission to marry.  He married Kathleen Grace Bell, a nurse in training, (which was against hospital rules) on September 13, 1941 just before he left for Europe.  For about 54 months he served with the Canadian Provost Corps in the United Kingdom and northwestern Europe. As a member of the Military Police, he was frequently on the move, to direct traffic, transfer prisoners of war, and provide security at Hedley Court, headquarters for the Canadian Forces in Europe. While directing traffic around an accident involving Canadian and Dutch vehicles, in front of the Opera House, in Amsterdam 1945, he met a Dutch doctor who had been in the resistance movement.  Dr. Jan Wagenaar invited this Canadian soldier to his home and a friendship began.  George became known as "The Cookie Man" to Dr. Jan's two sons as he would bring his Canadian cookie rations to the boys.  In 1970 George and Kay returned to Holland and met Dr. Wagenaar and his family.  Reciprocal visits are occuring between the families to this day...now into the 4th generation.  During the course of his service George earned the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal and Clasp; the War Medal 1939-1945; and the Defence Medal.  At the time of his discharge his Counsellor's Recommendations read:  "Butt has had years of experience in the Oil business.  Besides working for his father, he operated his own wholesale and retail agency for five years before enlistment.  He has a Grade X education, seems aggressive and intelligent.  His excellent army records attest his ability to accept responsibility.  He is not returning to his former employment, but will take over the operation of a dairy farm owned by his wife.  Although he has had no experience in this work his background is an indication that he has the ability to successfully operate a business, and he will apparently be able to take advantage of his relative's experience.  Should his plans change, a return to the oil business seems the logical alternative."  

After his discharge, on July 2, 1946, he and his wife Kathleen (nee Bell) moved to Lot 23, Concession 7, to help her parents on their farm.


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