2019 Spelling Bee

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The Heroes of Zorra Spelling Bee – lots of fun

By Laura Green

Photo 2870 or 2871 by Laura Green

            The fourth “Heroes of Zorra” Spelling Bee was held on Sunday November 17th at the Embro Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion beginning at 1:30 p.m.

            This year there were 4 students in the Grades 6, 7, & 8 division and 7 students in the Grades 5 and under division. Each contestant must live in Zorra Township. All the words used were taken from the Heroes of Zorra website which contains 1143 different individuals. All the other rules are written on the website. Prize money 1st place - $100 and runner up $75.

            Volunteers for the event were Master of Ceremonies - Shirley Hanlon-McCall, Bee Master- Matt Roberts, Audio equipment tech- John Hiuser, Time Keeper- John Minler, Judges- Roy Youngs and Pauline Hanlon and Presenter of Awards- Scott Naisbitt. 

            Mayor of Zorra Marcus Ryan brought greetings from the Township of Zorra and congratulated all the contestants for entering the spelling bee.

            In the Grade 6, 7 & 8 division, the winner was Madeline Roddick and runner -up was Monica Payne. Other participants were Paige Borman and Hannah Houston.

            In the Grade 5 and under division, the winner was Leah Lockhart and runner up was Macey Taylor. Other participants were Jorja Borman, Peter Langford, Fiona Ryan, Lilli Taylor and Brody Wilks.

            Military Historian Steven Smith brought a display about Benjamin Franklin Youngs who was born and raised in Brooksdale. He joined the First Michigan Volunteer Sharpshooters and served in 1863 and 1864 during the American Civil War as a Corporal. On June 17th 1864 at Petersburg, Virginia he captured the enemy flag and for this earned the Medal of Honor which is the highest award giving to any American soldier. He received the original one in 1864, but his name was misspelled, so 1914 he received the new version of the medal with the correct spelling of Youngs. Both of these medals were on display in a window box.

            Refreshments were provided by the Grade 8 class of Zorra Highland Park School with proceeds for their Grade 8 graduation trip.


IMG 2870

The fourth “Heroes of Zorra” Spelling Bee was held on Sunday November 17th at the Embro Legion beginning at 1:30 p.m. There were 4 participants in the Grade 6, 7 & 8 division and 7 participants in the Grades 5 and under division.

Front row winners Grade 5 and under 1st Leah Lockhart (Thamesford PS) runner up Macey Taylor (Zorra HPS), Grades 6 to 8 1st place Madeline Roddick (Thamesford PS) and runner up Monica Payne (Thamesford PS).

Back Row: Brody Wilks (Zorra HPS), Hannah Houston (Zorra HPS), Jorja Borman (Zorra HPS), Paige Borman (Zorra HPS), Fiona Ryan (A.J. Baker), Lilli Taylor (Zorra HPS) and Peter Langford (Holy Family French Immersion Catholic School).